ensuring your above ground storage tanks are fit for service will help ensure your facility stays compliant and avoid unwanted down time or environmental impact

be sure your tanks are ready when you need them the most

AGST’s are large containers, typically constructed of steel, that rest on top of the ground and are designed to temporarily hold various liquid and gas substances such as water, crude oil, refined products, chemicals, etc. Typically constructed to API 650 (atmospheric pressure) or API 620 (low-pressure not exceeding 15 lbf/in.) construction codes, in Canada, they are federally regulated for their design, installation, maintenance and inspection. Typically enforced by a Provincial regulatory authority, equipment owners have a responsibility to maintain adherence to Federal and Provincial requirements.

The knowledge, training and coast-to-coast experience possessed by CMI Services certified API 653 inspectors and project management team members allows us to execute internal and external AGST inspections with world class accuracy and thoroughness. Our detail oriented inspection and reporting structure exceeds the requirements of API 653 and will serve to help ensure your site remains compliant and leak free. By employing the latest scanning and surveying technologies, such as LiDAR, CMI Services is able to deliver the highest quality and volume of data; all while driving costs down for our customers. Whether it is inspection of a single tank, or management of a national terminal contract, CMI Services will deliver with unwavering commitment to quality and efficiency.

We can support your Storage Tank requirements with the following services:

  • Provide “Turn-Key” management of your tank assets. Our customers can rely on CMI Services to manage scheduling and execution of their AGST assets ensuring a seamless process
  • Conduct tank assessments that exceed regulatory and customer requirements
  • Pro-actively identify hazardous and/or non-conforming conditions and develop detailed work scopes to correct found issues