maintaining the INTEGRITY  OF A FACILITIES pressure envelope is the primary goal of any effective inspection program and our visual inspection services will help ensure your risk exposure is minimized

ensure your equipment can take the pressure

Boilers, Pressure Vessels and Piping (including furnaces and other fired equipment) form the critical pressure envelopes of any refinery or industrial/commercial facility that operates them. Owners of such equipment are regulated in each province by their Jurisdictional Authority to inspect and maintain these items to ensure they’re fit for safe operation. As such, owners and operators of pressure equipment are tasked with the significant responsibility of complying with the applicable Boiler and Pressure Vessel Acts, Regulations and their own internal policies.

CMI Services certified API 510, API 570 and commissioned National Board In-Service Boiler and Pressure Vessel inspectors understand and value the importance of thorough and effective pressure equipment integrity assessments. Our vast experience and deeply rooted understanding of damage mechanisms and mechanical integrity programs means we will perform highly detailed and relevant visual examinations, and incorporate the right supplementary testing for a truly effective inspection. Whether our customers require external assessments, or detailed internal evaluations, we will always work to develop and implement the right inspection scope to support safe and compliant operations.

We can support your pressure equipment requirements with the following services:

  • Support of existing inspection programs via thorough and effective in-service integrity assessments by highly trained, experienced and certified personnel
  • Provide “Turn-Key” management of pressure equipment assets. Our customers can rely on CMI Services to manage the scheduling and execution of required inspections with little to no intervention required
  • Pro-actively identify hazardous and/or non-conforming conditions and develop detailed repair scopes to correct found issues




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