our mission statement: to develop trusted partnerships and empower industry with the information and services needed to protect people, the environment and assets from harm


Our virtues serve as foundational moral principles that ground everything we do at CMI Services:

Service – We shall remain committed to the welfare of others and the environment through execution of our services.

Excellence – We shall execute our work to the highest quality achievable.

Integrity – We shall adhere to a high moral code and remain true to oneself, our valued clients and all those we engage with.

Core Values

Our Core Values are the fundamental beliefs of CMI Services and our team of professionals. These act as our guiding cornerstones and serve as a constant reference to ensure we stay our course of unwavering commitment to operational excellence:

1. Safety – In the workplace and at home.

2. Quality – Striving for the best results each and every time we undertake a task.

3. Environmental Stewardship – Protecting our precious resources for today, tomorrow and the future.

4. Trust – Earning the trust from our valued clients, and those we engage, with by conducting our business with integrity and a sound moral compass.

5. Continuous Improvement – On-going development of our people, processes and capabilities.

What Our Core Values Mean to us

Safety  – We will demonstrate our commitment to safety leadership at the work place and beyond in everything we do. We know there is a vital moral and ethical responsibility to our family, friends, co-workers and clients that safety awareness and stewardship must play a leading role in everything we do.

Quality – We will maintain an unwavering commitment to producing the highest quality deliverables for our client, regardless of scope size.

Environmental Responsibility – We will strive to minimize our environmental impact through practical planning and innovation and by complying with all applicable environmental regulations. We will train and develop our workforce to understand and apply responsible environmental processes and procedures as integral to their work ethic.

Trust – We will always conduct ourselves in compliance with our Code of Ethical Conduct. We shall always act with honesty, dignity and respect towards all matters of our business and relationships with our clients, co-workers, and those we engage with as part of our business.

Continuous Improvement – We will pursue ongoing improvement of our people, processes and services through continuous feedback from our customers and workforce and through the constant monitoring of industry best practices.

Environment, Health, Safety & Security

By following our Environmental, Health, Safety and Security (EHS) Policy, we embrace a culture of excellence where we want everyone to be engaged, feel empowered and help drive innovation in cultivating a workplace that promotes the safety, health and security of our employees, clients and the environment. CMI Services maintains strict compliance with ISNetworld and Avetta and conducts annual audits of our HSE manual, policies and processes to ensure we meet or exceed industry best practice and legislative requirements.