CMI services brings our clients information from a new perspective, by using the latest in uav/drone technology, we can see and analyze equipment from a “higher elevation” 

take your inspections to a higher level

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) present a safe and efficient means of obtaining valuable imagery and video capture capability as well as surveillance options. In addition, difficult or impossible to access terrain is easily navigated with the use of UAV drones. CMI Services has invested in several UAV technologies to permit 4K quality images and video of our subject matter.

Our operators are Transport Canada certified Advanced RPAS pilots with a deeply rooted knowledge and understanding of the industries we service. Because we understand the subject matter we’re inspecting, we can develop and execute mission plans that will deliver on our customers needs.

We can support your UAV/Drone needs:

  • Roof structure inspections
  • Tower and column assessments
  • Pipeline monitoring
  • Wind Turbine inspections
  • Solar panel inspections
  • New and Brownfield site imagery capture