INTEGRAL TO ANY well planned MECHANINCAL INTEGRITY PROGRAM INFRARED THERMOGRAPHY can prove invaluable as a proactive means for temperature anomoly detection that may lead to equipment damage


Infrared Thermography (IRT) is the science of detecting emitted infrared energy from an object, converting it to an apparent temperature, and displaying the result as an image that is captured by a thermal camera. The Infrared energy is electromagnetic radiation consisting of longer wavelengths than that within the visible light spectrum. Utilizing specialized cameras, this energy is converted to interpretable data which can then be utilized to display heat patterns, object temperatures and equipment anomalies. The information obtained through well executed thermographic inspections can prove invaluable in determining asset performance and condition and is a vital component to a well-rounded mechanical integrity program.

CMI Services offers professional Level III thermography services that combines the skill of highly trained and experienced technicians with the latest in infrared technology. Our services can be utilized in many applications including insulation/refractory, mechanical, electrical and utility scans; however, we have invested significant resources into the training, equipment and necessary experience required to perform detailed and accurate industrial furnace assessments. Being able to interpret the symptoms and early onset of industrial furnace anomalies is a highly specialized skill. CMI Services has worked with industry subject matter experts to develop our processes and “in-house” talent to ensure we deliver effective and accurate furnace assessments. When our clients require a regular preventative maintenance (PM) program, they need to look no further than CMI Services as we will manage the scheduling, execution and reporting as a seamless “turn-key” solution.

With the recent global pandemic concerns related to COVID-19, CMI Services is able to adapt our thermography expertise to include public safety body scans. The Infrared thermal scan is a non-invasive technique that safely detects, records and analyzes an image of the skin surface temperature patterns (body heat). This information can be referenced to “normal” human physiology characteristics allowing for the detection of abnormalities and possible public safety risks.

Advantages of Thermography:

  • Non-invasive and safe to operator and nearby personnel
  • Improves safety by permitting scans from a distance often leading to reduced worker hazard exposure
  • Large areas can be scanned efficiently for thermal anomalies improving site safety

We can support your Infrared Thermography needs:

  • Industrial furnace tube temperature measurements and monitoring
  • External furnace casing monitoring and refractory condition
  • Pre-Shutdown furnace and insulation scope preparation
  • Pipe and Vessel Insulation surveys
  • Electrical System Surveys and Audits
  • Detection of storage tank Sludging
  • Thermocouple validation
  • Inspection for Fouling/coking
  • Turn-key solutions for preventative and predictive programs including scheduling, execution and reporting
  • Post shutdown inspections and cleaning/pigging validation
  • Utility system monitoring
  • Public safety body scans