critical to the long-term reliability of any facility, ensuring materials conform to specification, cannot be underestimated 

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PMI is a non-destructive testing (NDT) method utilized for both the verification and identification of materials. CMI Services utilizes the XRF (x-ray fluorescence) principle which exposes the material being tested to a low-level radioactive source which causes reflection of the radiation thus generating energy. Since every element has its own atomic structure, the reflection will generate a different energy level for every element which is measured, thus allowing identification of the alloy elements.

PMI is widely utilized across many industries including oil and gas, power generation, chemical, pharmaceutical, nuclear, aerospace and fabrication for quality control and safety compliance. Pre-service and in-service inspection of critical components and welds with PMI can reduce risk and prevent failure and is an integral component of any comprehensive production and asset integrity management program. Whether our clients are executing a retro-active PMI program, or maintaining quality surveillance of new parts and/or welds, CMI Services will support the effort with laser focus.

Advantages of PMI inspection:

  • Improved site compliance with reduced risk and failure exposure
  • Equipment is lightweight and easily portable making it ideal for both shop and field applications
  • Instant test results with convenient data logging capabilities for permanent record of test results