CMI Services will help ensure your  refractory, coating and lining systems don’t leave you unprotected

maintain that vital protective layer

Refractory is the heat-resistant material that lines high-temperature commercial boilers, furnaces, reactors and other process equipment. Refractory systems must be able to stand up to thermal stress, physical wear and corrosion that comes from chemicals and the harsh environments seen in process units. Providing critical protection against heat and corrosion, and in the case of refractory often adding to overall equipment strength, coating and lining materials can play a vital role in equipment integrity.

CMI Services team of professionals includes certified API 936 refractory inspectors and Nace Coating Inspectors. We continually invest in formal training to build on our decades of experience inspecting boilers, fired process equipment and other refractory lined equipment. This ensures our clients receive the specialized knowledge and service needed when evaluating these materials.

We can support our customers with the following services:

  • Remaining life assessments of existing refractory/lining systems
  • Review of qualification and production work to ensure compliance with job specification on new installation or repairs of existing systems
  • Provide installation quality control and maintenance inspection of coatings and monolithic refractory linings
  • Coating Examination (WFT/DFT; Adhesion testing; Profile testing; HV/LV Holiday testing)