using trained technicians and the latest video inspection technology, we can look beyond what normal visual inspection, normally allows

extend beyond the reach of what the naked eye can see

Remote Video Inspection or Remote Digital Video Inspection, also known as RVI or RDVI, is a specialty form of visual inspection which uses video technology to aid visual inspection thus allowing an inspector to look at objects and materials from a distance, either because the objects are inaccessible or present dangerous environments.

CMI Services offers a range of rigid and flexible borescopes, videoscopes and fiberscopes to ensure our clients remote visual inspection needs are met. CMI Services can offer RVI/RDVI as a “turn-key” solution for predictive/preventative maintenance programs of difficult to access locations or one-off inspection needs.

Advantages of Remote Video Inspection:

  • Enables greater inspection coverage, inspection repeatability and data comparison
  • Permits visual inspection of locations that would be difficult or impossible with other inspection methods
  • Can provide a permanent record of inspection observations