obtain thickness data from difficult to access tank regions, without the need for costly supplementary provisions, to ensure a thorough and complete assessment

extend your reach with the right technology

Magnetic ultrasonic crawlers provide an ideal solution to acquiring thickness measurements in difficult to access inspection areas. This NDE method combines traditional ultrasonic thickness testing methods with crawler technology capable of climbing vertical, horizontal an even inverted ferro-magnetic surfaces.

CMI Services utilizes the best wet a dry coupled crawlers available to ensure safe, thorough and accurate data acquisition. While used most often on storage tank shells to locate general internal or external thinning, this technology has many applications including pipelines and pressure vessels.

Advantages of Magnetic remotely operated crawlers:

  • Improved worker safety due to reduction of elevated and/or overhead work
  • Relatively quick to set up permitting efficient survey results
  • Can be used to verify tank roof plate thickness prior to permitting access by personnel