we’re more than aN ASSET MANAGEMENT company, we’re a safety company, by providing integrated services that combine advanced technology solutions with a focused and driven work ethic  redefinING what an mi AND MAINTENANCE service provider can offer 

more About Us

CMI Services is a leader in facility maintenance and asset integrity management. By combining the latest in scanning, NDE and software technology with over 20 years experience in the inspection, repair and maintenance of boilers, pressure vessels, storage tanks and infrastructure, we set a new standard of quality and value for our clients. Serving a broad spectrum of industrial, commercial and renewable energy clientele, we are committed to the relentless pursuit of service excellence. CMI Services operates by a creed that our success is a direct result of the safe and reliable operations of our clients facilities. We ensure that our personnel are available around the clock to support the critical efforts needed to support this philosophy.

Our team of highly qualified professionals know the work we do is integral to the safe and environmentally responsible operation of our clients facilities. Our ever-growing service offerings in the following fields are anchored with the safety of people and the environment in mind:

  • Jurisdictional Boiler and Machinery Insurance Inspection
  • Mechanical integrity assessments of boilers, pressure vessels, storage tanks, piping and associated infrastructure
  • Project and construction management as well as field supervision
  • Design and Drafting support services
  • Snow and Ice Control (SNIC) services and solutions
  • Landscape Maintenance Services
  • Turn-Key equipment inspection and repair solutions
  • Total asset integrity program development, implementation and support
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • LiDAR advanced 3D laser scanning
  • Traditional and advanced NDT
  • Preventative and Predictive Maintenance services and solutions