Facility Maintenance

Maintaining facility infrastructure such as parking lots, roadways, walkways, and greenspaces is a critical aspect to inclusive site safety, environmental preservation and aesthetic. To ensure these important deliverables are achieved, CMI Services knows infrastructure maintenance and management must be approached with the same level of rigor and responsible care that we apply to all our services. CMI Services is proud to support our customers with the following growing list of facility maintenance services:

Commercial and Industrial Turf and Landscape Maintenance

CMI Services knows no two sites are the same and therefor, services should adequately reflect the needs of each specific location. Our approach to service begins by understanding your site uses, requirements and expectations, then a plan is developed to deliver the appropriate level of service necessary to achieve customer goals. For larger industrial facilities that present complex multi-faceted service requirements, we will develop a detailed service
plan and execution strategy to ensure expectations are met and exceeded where possible.

For clients with demanding and difficult to access terrain which can present safety hazards or risk to personnel, CMI Services is able to provide the ultimate solution. By employing our unmanned radio-controlled Flailbot, we can brush hog and fine turf mow on slopes and terrain that traditional equipment cannot safely operate on, all while minimizing or eliminating worker risk of injury due to a slip/trip/fall or rollover event. With safety and value as core
deliverables for CMI Services, you can trust we’ll have the right equipment and trained personnel for the task.

Regardless of facility or greenspace size and layout, CMI Services will exceed expectations by delivering service excellence through safe, efficient and professional care of your greenspaces.

CMI Services can support turf and landscape maintenance with the following:

  • Fine turf mowing and edging
  • Brush hogging
  • Turf dethatching and aeration
  • Turf fertilization
  • Sodding and turf repair
  • Seasonal clean-up and mulching
  • Garden bed maintenance
  • Tree and shrub pruning
  • Tree and Plant Installations
  • Weed and vegetation control plans
  • Tree care plans
  • Remote watering services
  • Difficult to access, severe angle mowing/brush hogging

Road and Infrastructure Maintenance

Roadway and infrastructure maintenance in commercial, industrial, and agricultural facilities is an important aspect of safe, reliable and effective rights of way, emergency response routes, and drainage. Maintaining these vital arteries also reduces site risk exposure due to slips/trips falls and reduces wear to mobile equipment. CMI Services can provide reactive or proactive infrastructure maintenance utilizing an “As-Needed” or Pro-Active “Turn-Key” framework.

CMI Services can support roadway and infrastructure maintenance with the following:

  • Gravel road grading
  • Pavement and Curb Painting/Marking




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