cmi services has the knowledge and expertise to, plan the work, work the plan or both, making management of your mi program painless

optimizing Asset Corrosion & Degradation programs

Developing and optimizing effective programs for damage mechanism detection and mitigation of pressure equipment assets requires a deep understanding of contributing factors and the processes/systems used to detect and monitor them. The knowledge to perform detailed analysis of design and operating conditions, along with application of sound foundational essential elements, will serve to minimize risk exposure and maximize reliability for equipment owners and operators. CMI Services brings over two (2) decades of experience in the review, development, integration and support of corrosion and damage mechanism monitoring programs.

We are a trusted partner in the evaluation of equipment construction and processes to aid in determining potential damage mechanisms. CMI Services experienced corrosion and materials personnel are certified to API 571 (Damage Mechanisms Affecting Fixed Equipment in the Refining Industry) and API 581 (Risk based Inspection). Implementation of effective mechanical integrity programs starts with the fundamental knowledge of equipment design and the affects of their operating environment. When effective corrosion control and mitigation programs are a priority for your site, CMI Services is ready to support your objectives.

Quality Manuals, Programs & Procedures

First required by the ISO 9001 standard for Quality Management Systems, a Quality Manual is a top-level document which describes an organization’s commitment to quality through their Quality Management System (QMS). Programs and procedures are then often used to detail how Quality Management System requirements are executed and/or achieved. In the heavily regulated environment that our clients must operate, having well integrated Quality Management Systems can be critical to regulatory compliance and risk mitigation. As a National Board and TSSA accredited inspection agency with decades of experience developing, integrating and executing effective Mechanical Integrity and Owner/User Quality Management Systems, CMI Services can be trusted to help develop these critical programs and documents for our clients.

If total program support is required, CMI Services has the capabilities and expertise to manage our clients quality program for you through the entire project lifecycle from implementation, to execution and close out. CMI Services will never let our clients feel like they’re on their own when important compliance and safety commitments are at stake.

Pre-Commission/ Ready for Operation (RFO)

Following a maintenance event or turnaround, a final review to identify non-compliance items prior to equipment start-up can prove to be an invaluable step in overall QA/QC effectiveness. Ready for Operation (RFO) provides assurance that critical systems affected by maintenance operations or new installations have been installed as per original design. CMI Services experienced API Certified and National Board commissioned in-service inspectors have the knowledge needed to identify non-conforming items before they become a risk to safe or reliable operation. When your site requires an effective “cold eyes” review of installed components and systems, the professional team at CMI Services has the unique experience to safely manage this process.