light detection & ranging (LIDAR) and GEOREFERENCING

when inspection detail cannot be compromised, lidar will bring a level of detail second to none, and prove that knowledge is power

redefining what detailed inspection means

LiDAR is an advanced data acquisition and imaging method which measures distances by illuminating the target surface or surfaces with laser light and measuring the reflection with a sensor. Differences in wavelength offset can then be used to generate highly accurate digital three-dimensional representations of the target surfaces. If light can reach an object surface, than it can be scanned by LiDAR and brought to life using a multitude of platforms. 

CMI Services has made a significant investment in this revolutionary and safe Class 1 laser technology. We are extremely proud to offer this technology to our clients as either a stand-alone service or an integral component to larger scope projects or maintenance service contracts. By combining leading ISO and API compliant scanner technology with a robust suit of software options, CMI Services brings serious imaging, data analysis, AutoCAD integration and reporting capability to any project. Whether our clients require capturing as-built environments with stunning accuracy and detail, or a comprehensive shell deformation assessment or strapping table of a storage tank, there is virtually endless applications and absolutely no better technology than LiDAR to collect this critical information. Wherever practical, CMI Services incorporates LiDAR scanning into all our equipment assessments to bring our clients a level of detail and thoroughness not often seen in industry.

If project scope requires reference to a know benchmark or GPS coordinates, CMI Services has the experience to merge laser scan data with traditional surveying practices. By employing Georeferencing techniques, accurately locating and linking laser scans to required coordinates is at our clients disposal. This concept can be taken even further and linked to drone captured imagery. When it’s time to get serious about accuracy and detail, CMI Services will get our clients there!

Advantages of LiDAR:

  • Massive quantities of data obtained quickly and efficiently with resolution and accuracy unachievable using any other data acquisition method.
  • Data collected is easily converted into 3D images
  • Can be used in nearly any ambient light condition including low-light environments
  • Class 1 laser technology ensures work site safety with no risk to personnel from laser radiation exposure


LiDAR laser scanning technology has nearly limitless uses and the following examples represent some of our more common applications:

  • Scanning of as-built environments and duplication in a three-dimensional virtual environment including migration to AutoCAD Plant 3D
  • Infrastructure mapping and layout
  • Pressure vessel shell deformation and corrosion mapping analysis and reporting
  • Storage tank analysis including settlement, floor profile, shell deformation, strapping table, column and roof rafter alignment and compound volume and spill-point locating
  • Boiler and furnace tube layout and deformation mapping
  • Elevation mapping and topography
  • Post incident scene capture and investigation